About Willa

About Willa

I’m in the third chapter of my life, with no plan except to be creative, healthy, connected to all age groups, intimate with one, and contributing in some way.  I’m open to what else happens.

I had plans for the first two chapters – growing up, and having a family, but nothing for this third chapter.

Having got to my 60th year,  and aiming to receive the Royal telegram when  I’m 100 – I realise it’s a big chapter! Nearly 40 years long.  How to live it now that the youthful health elastic is showing signs of wear?

It’s taken me a while to recognise my new co-ordinates, how to set forth once more into the unknown, with courage and a sense of adventure, but I’ve got there.  I have ‘enough’ to take a bold new step each day – and it begins with knowing that ‘being alive at all is miracle enough’.   (Mervyn Peake)

If being alive doesn’t feel like a gift, do contact me.  It’s the perfect starting point.