The First Step

Everything Is Energy

In 2010 I came across the phrase, Everything is Energy, and the notion that our grandchildren will say incredulously:

“What?  You didn’t know about energy medicine?”

It was in the same tone my children used when I told them we had one phone in the house, and that was attached by a cord to the wall in the hall. 

A light bulb went on for me, and since then I filter my perceptions through the prism of ‘energy’.

It has fundamentally changed my view of the world and how I navigate my way through. I’m able to drop judgements more easily:  if something gives me energy – it’s a no brainer – I go with it, if it drains it, I can  let it go.

 Why is this such a game-changer for me?

Because I receive so much information that it’s difficult for me to make decisions.   Do I receive more information than others?  I’ve no idea, because I’m in my interior world and they are in theirs.   

So I made another big decision:  I would honour my experience precisely because it’s uniquely mine.  

We are creative people, and we can create our worlds to suit us if we work energetically – ie with the energy that makes up a human being.  It comes in many different forms, and my favourite is creative energy because it feels so good, so satisfying.

So if you’d like to explore the treasures hidden within you by working energetically, do get in touch.  I’d be glad to accompany you on the adventure that is your life.

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