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The title of this painting is, ‘How Glad I Am To Be Here To-day’.  It’s the song being sung by the notes on the lines.  It came to me as I was painting over my stripey base (my rainbow unique self, I affectionately call it), and I found myself adding circles to the stripes, creating a little ditty – how glad I am to be here to-day.

This quietly puts me in a state of awe.  That I could write it, and feel it.  Not loudly, but quietly.  It’s a voice/song that has been growing within me – I’ve known it was there but couldn’t feel it, viscerally.  Being glad to be alive was a thought, not an embodiment.

As I’ve learnt recently, I have found the wild, passionate energy of being a human difficult to embody!  My natural tendency is to clamp down – that’s too much, pipe down.  And I’ve done it so effectively. I couldn’t hear my own voice, and turned to others for help. The truth is, I needed help.  I was frozen – but how to defrost?!   That’s another story….

I’ve had to own my inner fire – to be chilled about life.  Ironic, isn’t it?

Does this story resonate with you?   If so, do leave a comment or get in touch.  I’d love to hear from you.

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